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Tuesday 16th November 2010 ~ The Season of Bugs and Lurgy

In glorious sunshine at lunchtime, 37575 heads out of Walton Highway on K15.
Bruce and his family went down with a malady yesterday, so his usual valuable sightings have temporarily dried up. Fortunately though, I managed to see all the X1 turns which were thrown into chaos around teatime by an A47 incident at East Winch.
The Beast manifested itself on K1 this afternoon, meaning that at some stage either yesterday or today it replaced 34108. 37571 was out on K5 instead of its usual K17 turn, but the disruption this afternoon meant it ended up on L8 which sent it to Yarmouth overnight. Earlier in the day, L8 had been delayed and was 17 late on the 09.48 Wisbech - Peterborough with 37579.
37566 has again been absent and it is thought to have come off K4 at Lynn last night with 37159 working forward. 566 was certainly on the 18.05 departure from Peterborough yesterday as Peter was travelling on it.
More fallout from tonight's A47 riot resulted in Y6 being seen at Thorney at 20.00, running 25 late with 37565. Y6 had been 37564 earlier and it looks as though 564 may have been stuck in a queue at East Winch while 37565 on Y7 took a diversion to arrive at Lynn first and therefore worked forward as Y6. Whatever happened , K5 certainly didn't run at 17.15 from Lynn to Peterborough. K3 behaved today with 20121.

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