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Wednesday 10th November 2010 ~ Broadband Wars

37563 was returned to King's Lynn from Volvo today and was immediately put into service replacing 37158 on the 14.32 King's Lynn to Lowestoft (Y13). 37158 needs accident damage repairing, although it is not thought to be serious and may not have occurred today.
 Michael Bryant says 37564 with its noisy fan was being employed on a Lowestoft worked schools contract this afternoon and at Lynn, 37570 was sidelined with an air fault while 37160 was on locals.  As a result of these absences, 20107 was again working on the route, it came out on L10, but itself was replaced by 37159 for the 19.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough. This had come in on Y9 and this was another turn which changed vehicles today. 37568 which did the morning part was switched at Lowestoft to do the 15.48 X2 to Norwich, making sure it was on hand for servicing tomorrow.
37158 on Y13 today seen from blog HQ with new Virgin advert.
Virtually the whole X1 Gemini fleet had their adverts changed overnight and most now find themselves advertising BT Broadband Autumn Deals on the offside and rather ironically Virgin Speedy Broadband on the nearside ! 37563/8 & 37575 seem to be the only vehicles which the ad-men missed.
Timekeeping was pretty good today but 37156 was an exception on K16 being seen by Rob Brooks 15 late on the 13.48 Wisbech to Peterborough, reduced to 12 late returning. On the other hand, 37576 was a minute early on K2 16.18 westbound.
Not really X1 connected, but it did used to sometimes work the X2, the last remaining old Olympian at King's Lynn, 34876, was rescued from the back of Rowan Road compound today in preparation for moving on, reportedly for further use as a Playbus.

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