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Sunday 28th November 2010 ~ Worth Reporting

Sundays quite often pass with a completely B9 worked service these days, but today - over 2 years since the arrival of the B9s and their more recent allies, the B7s - the service was again reminded of the old order with B10M Volvo Premiere coach 20107 doing a full shift off Yarmouth depot. 'The Beast' as she is now known worked as follows :
07.30 Great Yarmouth - Peterborough
11.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft
15.48 Lowestoft - Peterborough
20.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft

Just as remarkable is the fact that 107s nickname began when it was extremely noisy, yet these days it would be difficult to find a quieter vehicle. 107 positively purrs along, less noisy even than a Gemini !
Recent messages on the EABG question the reason for the continued use of 107, when much more recent coaches are being sold off by 'First'. The explanation can only be its reliability one feels.
Speaking of reliability, Gemini 37576 is still (just) in the frame to make a name for itself. The record for the continuous number of days worked by a B9, held by 37574, must now be under serious challenge. 37576 needed to work today to ensure it stood a chance of beating the record and with only one B9 rostered to work off Lowestoft on a Sunday, this was always unlikely, given that 37566/70/74 were also candidates. Despite being an underdog, 37576 was indeed the bus used on the 09.48 from Lowestoft. Check out this link to see it at work today in Gorleston :

and if the link doesn't work, here's a picture of 576 instead :
Thanks to Des for the picture & video. Just for the record, 576 has now worked on 66 days. The record stands at 68, BUT, today 576 was removed at King's Lynn because of a water leak and 37565 completed the turn, this must cast doubt on 576 appearing tomorrow, but you never know !

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