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Monday 22nd November 2010 ~ On the Eve of D Day

A  quite ordinary day on the X1 was overshadowed by the looming Tuesday meeting of all the top brass to discuss the X1 future. Now this is top secret of course, but as six people have now told me about it, I think mention may be made of it here. Interestingly, all six people have told me different things which are 'likely' to happen, so I guess we'd better wait until these are made public and for those of you involved in the discussions, good luck !
One thing which will no doubt feature in these talks, is the inability to provide a totally low floor service. Today 20121 was its usual magnificent self on K3 and 34108 was sent out by Lowestoft on L11. One bi-product of this was the unusual sight of 37158/59/60 all on King's Lynn local services. I passed K18 at Thorney this afternoon and 37564 is still making a horrendous racket.
Here are a few more photos taken yesterday at Great Yarmouth by one of our number

It just can't keep away. 20501, or Robbie to his friends, stands in the depths of Caister Road garage.

37575, the highest mileage and therefore by virtue, the most reliable B9 Gemini about to set out on another day's work at Great Yarmouth garage yesterday.

The old and the not so old at Great Yarmouth Caister Road on Sunday morning.

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