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Tuesday 9th November 2010 ~ A Night At The Seaside

Since the return to traffic of 20121, it has faithfully returned to King's Lynn garage every evening. Tonight was different though. It had worked K3 as usual, but was seen by me approaching Walton Highway at 17.17 (due 16.35), so obviously there had been an incident of some kind. This then put it into the timings of a delayed K4 and it continued on this line going through to Lowestoft, then empty to Yarmouth as diagrammed.
37564 had been K4 in the morning, but it looks like 37157 took over at some point before 121 found itself deputising. 37157 itself had started early on K14, but was taken out at Lowestoft for a safety service, 37566 replacing it. The Beast worked K2 today and was on time both morning and evening, but punctuality varied today. 37563 remained at Volvo today and 37570 was sidelined at Lynn with an air problem.
The X2 ran with a full compliment of Presidents today says Michael.

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