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Thursday November 4th 2010 ~ More X2 Notes

The only notable event today was over on the X2 where 37567 was provided for the 06.53 Lowestoft - Norwich which then goes empty to Beccles to work the 09..20 from there back to Norwich. It then did the 10.10 Norwich - Lowestoft.
On the X1, 20107 worked K1 and by the afternoon it had lost 9 minutes, making it today's most delayed service. Everything else seemed to run like clockwork including 20121 on K3 of course.
Lowestoft Gemini 37566 was kept in at Lynn for Volvo modifications today. Interestingly two years ago at this time, there were only 8 B9s yet in service, one of which was 566 and it had been taken off the road with collision damage.

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