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Thursday 25th November 2010 ~ Crashes and Smashes

Punctuality suffered again this morning as yet another accident on the A47 caused delays. This time the collision was near Thorney and whilst services going west were leaving Wisbech pretty much to time, the return eastbound services were not. 37568 on Y6 was first service to be affected, it was 16 late and things worsened then with 37565 on Y7 being exactly 30 late and L8 with 37157 39 late, Some misfortune befell 37578 on L10 as this managed to be 20 late leaving Wisbech on the 10.48 to Peterborough. Things had pretty much righted themselves by early afternoon and 37576 on Y13 was bang on time with the 13.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft.
The Beast was used on K18 today which is fairly unusual, as this is more often than not a B7. 20121 was K3 as expected. Des drove it from Lynn eastbound and was 9 late departing at 09.41, however, all lost time had been regained by Norwich.  37567 was off for servicing today and one of my spys informs me that 37569 is at Volvo being attended to.
Peter sent me a text as Angela was concerned that I was three days behind with the blog. Sorry Angela !!

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