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Saturday 20th November 2010 ~ Coach Reshuffle

Somehow, the X1 doesn't seem to be able to shake off the coach image it for so long represented and interesting movements today involved the arrival at Yarmouth of King's Lynn demic 20123, which three readers have informed me could shed its gearbox for further use in  20115 -strange really as 20123 probably has better bodywork, but an engine and gearbox must be easily available with all the rusting hulks in the area. Bruce has done a summary for us of the withdrawn B10Ms at Lynn :

20104 Good engine and gearbox but rotten suspension
20105 Good engine and gearbox but rotten body
20106 Engine/gear box less - its in 20109
20118 MOT less
20127 Engine seized but should have a good gearbox!!!
20131 Good engine and gearbox but body rotten.

 Another unexpected arrival at Yarmouth is Paragon 20501 as 'spare'. Spare for what I wonder ?
Meanwhile Saturday's X1 ran fairly well by all accounts. An all low floor affair was spoiled (if that's the word) by 34108 on K14. Des kindly forwarded some pictures taken around Yarmouth today :
37567 on K1
37573 working K19

37579 on K18

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