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Wednesday 17th November 2010 ~ Bruce Restored !

I had to spend half today at Long Sutton, but this fortunately coincided with Bruce being back on duty in his observatory . The X1 drivers are largely a cheery lot and most of them know Bruce, so it is not uncommon for waves to be exchanged if he is out in the garden or as in the case of last week, enjoying cocktails under the parasol by the roadside (OK it was coffee actually, but cocktails sounds better don't you think !)
The day seemed to pass without major incident and 20107 was on premier duty, working Y6 while 20121 worked K3 again. The reliability problems which beset 121 a couple of years back, now but a distant memory as it continues to clock up the mileage at the expense of the unavailable B9s. This weeks absentee appears to be 37568 which has not been seen since Michael viewed it on the X2 last Friday. Apart from 568, the only other B9 not on the X1 today was 37565, stopped for its scheduled servicing.
37571 started the day on Y9 having found itself at Yarmouth overnight, it had later graduated to L10, a turn which started with 37569. Y9 meanwhile was worked from Lowestoft to Lynn at 15.55 by 34108. All three King's Lynn based B7 Geminis were at King's Lynn today, but 37156/7 were in use on K16 and Y13 respectively. Having said that, Bruce reports K16 with an unidentified B9 this afternoon, not surprising as 156 was due a safety service.
B10M coach 20126 was seen by Michael Bryant at Haddiscoe on a schools trip this morning, he was in the area to photograph a couple of Class 31 diesels on a gauging train (or similar).
I'm pleased to report that I received my car back at lunchtime and it is good to have it back after £3700 of repairs.

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