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The Weekend ~ 13th & 14th November 2010

Thought I'd abbreviate this blog entry because I was away again on Saturday and not a lot happened on Sunday. So let''s firstly look back at Saturday :

It all seemed to go pretty much according to plan and in my absence I am listing here the diagrams as seen by various blog followers

King's Lynn internals
K2 - 37578
K5 - 37160
K15 - 37572
K17 - 37571
K19 - 37577

King's Lynn terminators (from the Coast)

Y7 - 37574
L9 - 37567 or 37573
Y10 - 37159
L11 - 37567 or 37573
Y13 - 37156

Coast terminators

K1 - 37575
K4 - 37565
Y6 - 37579
L8 - 37563
L12 - 37157
K14 - 20107
K16 - 37570
K18 - 34108

So a long list of numbers there... Des adds "Today I was mostly driving the 'Heritage Fleet'.
20107 - K14 08:55 Lowestoft - Lynn - Brake warning light/buzzer sounded for the nearly the whole of the Acle Straight. I thought 'I'm not stopping on the straight, I'll stop in Acle'. It ceased as I was approaching Acle. Whoever allocated this vehicle at this time should be shot! I left 12 passengers in Yarmouth and 7 in Acle. Next bus through to Norwich is an Anglian A47!!!! I received £1.70 and 5 sweets in tips for helping passengers with luggage, baby buggies and walking frames. Thank you all.
Next duty was 37570 - K16 13:15 Lynn to Peterborough which ran  6 late @ lynn (13:21), 5 late @ Wisbech (13:53) and arrived Peterborough rail station at 14:39
Returning eastbound, 37570 departed  5 late from Peterborough rail station at 14:40, 2 late at Queensgate,  2 late @ Wisbech (15:28), on time by 'Boskoop' to see a cheery wave from the 'Walpole X1 Appreciation Society'. On time to King's Lynn...then, back to the vintage vehiclefest....34108 - K18 17:02 King's Lynn to Great Yarmouth - on time throughout".
Our spy in Yarmouth says "20115 needs new gearbox so is parked out the back of the garage. Trainer 20128 has finished here now and is back at Norwich".
Thew mystery of whether 20121 worked K3 on Friday deepens, as today it was off the road with a starter motor problem.

Sunday was a completely B9 worked service, here are some pictures :

37565 heads for Peterborough as the 08.30 Great Yarmouth to Peterborough

37566 was back on the X1 today after yet another spell on the sidelines. It is passing Walpole Highway on the 09.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough under grey skies.

The 10.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft had 37567 today.

37572 at Peterborough rail station before departure as the 16.10 to Lowestoft. Photo from Tony Irle.

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