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Monday 29th November 2010 ~ Winter Breaks

Another bout of snow overnight caused chaos to the X1 this morning, but the plaudits must be given to the X1 operators for managing very well under the circumstances. My trip to work saw me and many other motorists stuck in a very long queue from Walsoken into Wisbech. This did though enable me to snap K2 with its lady driver battling with 37563 through the icy conditions. It was only 21 late when it passed me :

I didn't see K3, so it may not have run. It was allocated 20121. Next eastbound was K4 with 37572 which was 22 late. Bruce had seen K5 going to Peterborough just 5 late, but 37578 was 39 late coming back. Through services from the coast were naturally badly affected. The first run, Y6 was 37579 and this was 56 late from Wisbech departing about 80 minutes after K5. Returning 37579 was 68 late on the Y6 timings, but to fill the big gap, King's Lynn sent 37160 empty to Wisbech (via the villages strangely) to then run as Y6 10.26 Wisbech to Lowestoft. 579 then graduated to become Y7. 37574 on L8 was sufficiently late on arrival at Lynn to become Y9 and left for Peterborough at 10.00, 15 late on its new schedule. Conditions made it 21 late at Wisbech and 22 late coming back.
L10 was the first service to run 'normally' with 37570, just 12 late over the western section. This wasn't the end of the disruption though as L11 terminated at Wisbech and 37566 was spotted by Bruce with its driver enjoying a sandwich before resuming his duty as the 12.56 to Lowestoft. L12 had a demon driver and 37157 was 6 late going west and only 2 minutes down coming back. Passengers who missed it then had a 56 minute wait for 37564 on Y13 which was 32 late and had 37568 on K14 on its tail, just 6 minutes behind.
K15 had begun the day with 37577, but a late arrival at Lowestoft saw it then slip a turn to become K16. The vehicle inserted was dear old 20107 which then found itself on K15 which is a top B9 turn. There were numerous other swaps of course and K17 didn't run at 13.45 from Lynn to Peterborough. Instead 37567 ran empty from King's Lynn to Wisbech to take up the turn at 15.56 to Lowestoft - thanks to Bruce for this who saw it ariving empty on the Churchill Road.
By this evening things had eased a bit, but 20121 found itself on K4 18.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft as far as Lynn, there should be a video for you to see below.
Rob Brooks travelled on L8 20.10 from Peterborough, seen at Wisbech with 37571.

I'm not sure what replaced 20121 and I think the 19.35 to Lowestoft had already left by this time (nearly 20.00).
An accident in treacherous conditions on the old A47 near the 'Coach & Horses' flyover at Tilney at 19.30, saw Y6 19.10 from Peterborough take the A47 dual carriageway to avoid the obstacle.

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