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Wednesday 24th November 2010 ~ Taking Stock

I was stocktaking at work today, but managed to see most of the daytime X1 services. The most unusual thing I saw today was at 14.30 when I went to the Horsefair to get milk and mince pies. Sitting in the bus station looking abandoned was Royale 34108. Andy James says it came empty from King's Lynn at 13.50 (see his picture of it departing below)  and later worked K16 15.26 Wisbech to Lowestoft.

To explain its appearance, K14 was 37564 which Cheryl remarked yesterday was sounding like a roadsweeper. This was taken off at Lowestoft and 34108 took its place. K14 is due off Lynn for Peterborough at 12.15, but (I expect because of late running) it never ran. K15 was on time with 37574 and K16 with 37156 was about 15 late. The B7 is thought to have travelled empty from Peterborough to Lynn and probably then on to Lowestoft eventually running in the times of K14.
No other services seemed to be affected by the delay, but there was another A47 fiasco this evening near Swaffham at around 17.20. Both Y6 and L8 which depart King's Lynn at 17.45 and 18.50 to Peterborough were delayed and neither ran through to Peterborough. Instead 37159 was called upon and this ran as a late Y6. Both 37578 and 37576 resumed their duties on the 20.35 and 21.35 to Lowestoft.
B10Ms 20107 and 20121 worked Y7 and K3 respectively.
37571 now has an advert affixed to the offside for the first time following the fitting of the necessary studs.

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