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Friday 5th November 2010 ~ Guy Fawkes Pictorial

34108 at Norwich this afternoon. DS

Des was on X1 shuttles today and had 60865 for the 07:52 X1 James Paget Hospital to Norwich and 09.10 back to Yarmouth.His afternoon work included 34108 on the 16.40 Norwich - Gorleston JPH and he says "I held back departure by 5 mins because:- 37160 16:25 Nor > Low - departed 14 late @ 16:39". "Over here, Yarmouth Haven Bridge is closed every night till 12/12.
There was a touch of FST this afternoon when K18 with 37159 was16 late on the 14.48 Wisbech - Peterborough and 25 late returning. Earlier 20107 on Y6 was 8 late going west and 14 late returning, but overall delays were on average only in the region of 8 minutes.
37565 had a day off today for servicing at Lowestoft and sister vehicle 37566 was again off the road at Lynn for continuing modifications and an adblu fault. Michael B reports 37567 on the X2 for a second successive day. It did the 11.08 Lowestoft to Norwich. 37571 was another X1 absentee to permit servicing today. There were four out of five B7s out today as well as 20107 & 20121.
I stopped for a chat with one of the cleaners at Lynn garage tonight and then got trapped by returning Fireworks display traffic. With permission and wearing my hi-vis, I was able to take a few pictures :

20121 with evidence of where its L plates were fitted, stands proudly in Vancouver Avenue after completing a week in which it worked K3 every day.
A stranger in the camp. Today was the first day of King's Lynn using Optare Solos formerly operating in East London. Here Alberto fuels one amongst the usual B9s.

37578 off K5 and 37579 just visible off Y7 inside the garage.
37566 has had a couple of days off for scheduled modifications by a Volvo engineer.
37564 which had just arrived off L11 shows the damage to its milk advert.

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