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Thursday 18th November 2010 ~ Calendar Lunch

Bruce, Des and myself met up for a very jovial lunch today to celebrate the launch of the X1 blog calendar. Please email me if you'd like one and we will see what we can do. 34108 quite by chance turned out to be the transport for my two friends to and from lunch :

I digress however, the morning went well with X1s passing through Wisbech being pretty near to time. Latest in fact was 'The Beast' on L11 which was 13 late westbound.
Around about the time we were enjoying a Wetherspoons lunch, a lorry broke down on Guyhirn bank and Y13 with 37579 was 22 late heading back to Lowestoft on the 13.56 from Wisbech having travelled via Wisbech St. Mary to avoid some of the delay. 34108 was also affected and was 17 late in from Peterborough, having stuck to the normal route. With a 25 minute late departure from Lynn, it had made up 10 minutes by Norwich but then became embroiled in the Norwich Christmas lights traffic - they were turned on this evening, so was 20 late at Great Yarmouth, where our man disembarked for his curry. I wonder if they issue Wetherspoons loyalty vouchers ?
20121 was on K3, noted 9 late this morning, but only 4 late this afternoon. Sam reports 37156 on the X2 this afternoon.

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