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Tuesday 23rd November 2010 ~ Mathematics

Only 37569 of the B9 fleet didn't appear on the X1 today, but there were still some substitutions nevertheless. The Beast appeared on K1 this morning having stood in for 37577 on K17 last night. The B10M coach worked all day and so did 20121 putting in another 315 miles on K3. K14, the first eastbound service from Lynn which returns as the 08.55 Lowestoft - Peterborough was Royale 34108.

Grahame Bessey was in King's Lynn today and sent this nice study of 34108.The Sky HD advert was new overnight.
 The three King's Lynn based B7 Geminis were all on town work today, but 37160 did a quick trip to Peterborough and back on Y13 after 37564 was (I assume) late arriving for the 11.45 departure westbound. 37564 resumed the turn with the 14.32 to Lowestoft. One of Lynn's new Solos requires a new gearbox already and with two Volvo B7 deckers also sidelined, this has meant the B7 Geminis have been required locally.

All the Lynn B7s were involved in town and Hunstanton turns today. G.Bessey
K16 had a Lowestoft maintenance swap with 37157 being replaced by 37566. Y9 also changed vehicles at Lowestoft with 37579 being replaced by the recently absent 37568.
Tthere was major disruption on the A47 this afternoon, when a multi vehicle pile up between Thorney Toll and Guyhirn saw some services diverted via Parson Drove and Throckenholt. 37565 on K2 15.45 Lynn - Peterborough and 17.35 return was so late that 37577 which had come into Lynn on Y7, was turned round to go back to Lowestoft at 18.32.
37563 with a typical 'muddy tail' departs King's Lynn on the 12.02 to Lowestoft today. Photo by Grahame

Captured by DS at the rear of Caister Road garage is 20123. It still has the '2' on the blinds following its final run on the Hunstanton schools.

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