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Monday November 8th 2010 ~ 567 Banished

Very strange goings on today. Michael B reports 37567 yet again on the X2, being seen on the 11.38 off Lowestoft to Norwich. There is obviously a restriction on it, as L11 was allocated 20107 which worked all day. 20121 did K3 (now there's a surprise - not) and Jon says he could have sworn that K4 19.35 Lynn to Lowestoft left with a coach. Now 37572 which had been on K4 was taken off at 19.30 for a scheduled safety service and the vehicle off Y9 - this should have been 37579 - was used to replace it. I suppose it is possible that 579 was failed for some reason and Yarmouth supplied a replacement, or maybe Jon was mistaken. I'd be surprised at the latter as he is seldom wrong about these things.
The man in the know informs me that 37563 which was in Vancouver Avenue garage last night, has been sent off to Volvo for attention. 37566 on K14 was changed at Lowestoft for 37156.
There was some very sharp timekeeping today. Morning services out of Wisbech westbound ran as follows :
Y6 37569 8 late
Y7 37578 1 late
L8 37573 right time
Y9 37579 1 early
L10 37160 4 late
L11 20107 2 early
L12 37564 not seen
Y13 37157 right time

There was a blip early afternoon with 37577 on K15 running 8 late and 37156 on K16 12 minutes behind schedule.

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