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Monday 15th November 2010 ~ Misty Start

It was quite a foggy morning here, but visibility was good enough for me to note that K3 08.05 from Peterborough - lately almost always 20121, failed to pass by. Intrigued I monitored the Southgates webcam and didn't see it toddle off to Lowestoft on the 09.32 out of Lynn. Whatever happened I don't know, but at 16.08  20121 was viewed arriving at Lynn on K3 as usual. Very odd !
Another surprise today was 34108 turning up on Y9 this morning when 37567 had been expected. 567 itself worked L11.
37564 was back today and somehow managed to miss getting new adverts (along with 37563 & 37575) and so still has the broken milk advert. It worked L8 and could be heard from quite a distance due to its noisy fan. 37563 meanwhile was viewed by Michael on the 11.38 Lowestoft - Norwich X2.

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