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Another History Lesson

It is a little while since we looked at the Norwich to Peterborough route in years gone by. I can recall as far back as 1969 when the service comprised the 336 from King's Lynn to Wisbech and Peterborough. This was operated chiefly by Peterborough and Wisbech depots and west of Wisbech ran via Wisbech St. Mary. Up until around 1972 there was a morning and afternoon 336 relief which ran via Glebe Estate at Tilney All Saints. East of Lynn the service in those days was the 34/a/b which ran via various routes to Norwich. I recall a very wet Saturday when en route to Norwich on a Bristol FLF we ran via Sporle and I think Dunham was served too.
Anyway I'm leading up to more recent times and Syd Eade kindly sent me some pictures of vehicles used on the 794 (as it was then) and associated services, prior to the arrival of the B10M coaches.

MCL932P was an Alexander bodied Leyland Leopard, seen here in December 1983 at Norwich bus station. It was one of seven new to Eastern Counties in May 1976, fleet numbers were LL748 - 754.

Syd says "I brought the last FLF ever to operate in Kings Lynn in Sept 1986 up on the Coastliner service 780, I actually have a photo taken before the return journey commenced. I even got a run round on the 42 with it during the 3 hour layover !" ...and here's the proof with FLF470 surrounded by bread vans.
In July 1994, Syd photographed Plaxton bodied Dennis Javelin H612RAH, new in November 1990 and a forerunner of the B10Ms, at King's Lynn bound for Peterborough. In September 1996, the first Volvo B10M to operate the route, P731NVG (better known as 20121) arrived.

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