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Saturday 11th December 2010 ~ It's Late, It's Late, It Must be 568 etc etc

I had a rather strange shift at work today, from 11.00 until 14.30. On my way into Wisbech, I espied Doreen waiting at Walton Road stop for Y10, which I'd naively assumed had already gone. Doreen had wiped a very neat circular window in the condensation so that she could see the bus approaching ! Now, she always blames me if the X1 runs late and so it was, with a rather sinking feeling, that I carried on to work. Y7 passed me by dead on time heading for Lowestoft, but Y10 finally turned up 17 late with 37568 - I think that means I will get told off !
Whoever was driving 568 meant business though and it was only 7 late coming back from Peterborough. Doreen was rather unfortunate because the next eight buses to Peterborough ran virtually on time. After a day off under maintenance at King's Lynn yesterday, 37567 was back on the road on K1 today and yes, at last, today was a totally low floor day. Other than on Sundays, the last time this happened was on November 6th and prior to that 15th September.
Speaking of records, I'm beginning to wonder if today was an historic occasion on another front. All 17 B9s were in use on full X1 turns, with no swaps. I doubt this has ever happened before. The two exceptions to B9s were 37156 on K16 and noisy 37159 on Y13.

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