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Wednesday December 15th 2010 ~ The House of Cards

Just when everything appeared to be on course for a successful week, today things began to deteriorate. Peter says "At Walton Road for K5 08.09 to Peterborough, no sign and bloody cold too. After a long wait the 08.39 (Y6) arrives with 37157. Apparently the driver tells me that three of his colleagues reported sick today hence K5 being cancelled, just my luck. 157 is thankfully only 4 late, but having welcomed the initial warmth after standing outside in the cold for 40 minutes, it soon becomes clear that this bus has no functioning heaters ! At least my train to York was cancelled too, so I didn't miss my connection". Oh Dear Peter, what a business - and what about the journey back ?
He says " Looks like a day of staggering B7s for me, it's 37158 on K5 18.40 from Peterborough - still at least it is running now AND it is warm too. My driver tonight said he'd have covered the turn this morning if he'd known they were short".
There were other incidents today, firstly K2 07.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft had 37573 failed at Fransham with loss of power. 37579 was available to take over, possibly because it should have been the cancelled K5 ? Over here in the west, timekeeping was Ok until mid morning. The driver of 37156 on L10 accomplished a minor miracle, he was 8 late from Wisbech on the 10.48, but only 3 late on the 11.35 from Peterborough on the way back. Call me cynical. but sounds like the rail station got missed ? Apologies in advance if this was not the case. On average afternoon services were 10 late, but 37569 on K1 was 21 minutes in arrears on the 15.48 Wisbech to Peterborough with K2 following, now with 37579 being 15 late.
Just when I thought a complete week of low floor boredom was on the cards, 37563 was stopped for a safety service after doing the first half of Y9 and so dear friends the 15.55 Lowestoft to King's Lynn ran with - yes you've guessed it - THE BEAST !!
Des had a pretty poor day by his standards and was only on time once all shift. 37578 on K15 was 15 late from Yarmouth on the 10.12 and with congestion at Dereham and the tree cutting team at East Winch, there was little opportunity to regain lost time. 37571 on K17 had a problem with a failed headlight bulb - this is a common occurence on 571 and it must be an electrical fault which causes it to blow so regularly ? - a visit to Vancouver Avenue failed to provide a solution and with no replacement vehicle available, 571 went forward to Peterborough. Finally 37569 on K1 18.02 Lynn to Lowestoft had adblu problems causing engine derate. Despite this, a 22minute late departure from Lynn was cut to 10 minutes by Great Yarmouth.
 Fuel news : Des says "Petrol on the increase:-122.9 at Lynn and 120.9 at Low (Although I didn't pass this enroute, I drove there just to find out and report back) Sainsbury at Easton has increased to 117.9.

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