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Saturday 4th December 2010 ~ Booze Cruise

My annual trip on the NENTA York excursion with a Class 47 was ditched today in favour of a drinks meet in Cambridge. Bruce kindly picked me up and deposited me at Walpole Highway at 11.50 in order for me to travel to Lynn on L9. This turned up with 37564 about 5 late. I went upstairs to join a fair number of passengers who were enjoying the meagre heating, which was probably heat generated by the number of bodies rather than anything 564 could muster. The driver made an excellent job of negotiating the Lynn traffic by utilising the right lane on London Road and therefore losing less time than would otherwise have been the case. Bruce memoaned the fact that had I chosen to travel on L9 as had I opted for on L11, I would have been able to enjoy the delights of 'The Beast'.
Being 'out of the picture' or probably more accurately 'out of my tree' for much of the day, I can only add further comment by what was viewed from the road outside Lynn garage at 22.30. This is because. my FCC train at 20.40 from Cambridge was cancelled due to a driver shortage and I had to wait for the 21.40, meaning that I missed the last westbound X1. Fortunately, Jamie R picked me up from Lynn station. There was no sign of 20107 at Lynn and it transpires that 37569 replaced the B10M for the second leg of L11.

Here is 37564 before departure on L9 12.32 Lynn to Lowestoft

Shortly afterwards,  David Bell who boarded 37574 on K15 at  Swaffham took this to show the amount of passengers boarding the 12.45 X1  from Lynn to Peterborough. Traffic was so heavy that it took 25 minutes to get from Hardwick into Lynn.
An interesting ploy by Konektbus appears to involve drivers touting for passengers at Dereham Market Place Barclays just ahead of a following X1. Often heard is "Next bus to Norwich leaving now." with the driver pointing to the STR8. This combined with timetables and STR8 posters on the said bus stop means that many of Dereham to Norwich passengers now do catch the STR8.

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