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Sunday 12th December 2010 ~ The Normality Continues

With traces of a harsh frost in the foreground, 37566 leaves Walpole Highway as the 08.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough this morning
 It is not uncommon for the Sunday X1 to be totally B9 worked, as it was today. Only hiccup seemed to be the 08.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough running about 15 late first thing with 37574, otherwise it was an uneventful day. It is reported from Great Yarmouth that 20501 has now returned to First Essex after another short stay here. This time it managed to avoid X1 use altogether. Going back to yesterday and Doreen confirms that the driver of 37568 did well to make up some time on her trip to Peterborough. 37576 was in use again today, that's 80 days on the trot now !

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