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Friday 24th December 2010 ~ Happy Christmas

It is only just after 3pm, so this is a bit of a premature blog for Christmas Eve. So far, everything appears to be roughly on time with light traffic and indeed light passenger loadings.
This is as always, a good opportunity to thank you all for your valued help throughout the year. If it wasn't for you, there definitely wouldn't be an X1 blog. I have to particularly mention Bruce for his diligence, particularly when I am absent or, as has been the case over the past 12 months or so, diversions which means I don't get to view the service. Des must also get a special mention for his excellent X1 blog Advent Calendar and his regular reporting. I know, however, that there are many more of you who contribute regularly and rest assured that your contributions are always received gratefully.
I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas and for those of you who work for 'First' ,enjoy the break from it all. Hope to hear from you all again soon.  Regards, Gerard

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Des Speed said...

Thanks to you, Gerard, and Bruce for providing us all with the X1 Blog.
Its' interesting reading matched with many photo contributions from others makes it quite a unique collaboration.
Merry Christmas to you all and good health for 2010.