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Thursday December 9th 2010 ~ Thawing Thursday

37158 outside King's Lynn Vancouver Avenue garage tonight.
December is quite often an uneventful time on the X1 if past years are anything to go by. 20121 has now left King's Lynn after ably standing in for absent Geminis, although it was sad that its last outing involved a car bumping it in the boot.
The low floor service which 'First' find so desirable is now closer to being a daily acheivement, although it has yet to become a regular occurrence. 20107 was the exception today and it was used on K16 which ends up at Lowestoft. Timings were within about 10 minutes of schedule today although K15 was 37573 23 late at Walton Highway on the 13.05 to Peterborough. Earlier in the morning 37567 was unable to continue beyond Lynn on Y9 (whether for scheduled modifications or otherwise is unclear) and the 09.45 to Peterborough left with 37160 as replacement and this finished the turn. L11 failed to run west of Lynn this morning with 37157 and instead L12 with 37579 doubled up after a gap in the service. Later on Des drove 37157 and it was 5 late departing from Lowestoft at 17.00 and with the Yarmouth bypass closed and all traffic using Southtown Road, 157 was 20 late from Market Gates. With 157 having the lower maximum speed of 50mph, there was no chance to make up time and the service was 17 late into Lynn.

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