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Thursday December 16th 2010 ~ A Better Day for Peter

Peter says "Risked K5 again today and my luck was in, it was on time with Blondie and 37576. Coming home it was a case of deja vu with another B7, this time 37159 on K4 18.10 ex Peterborough. Go on, ask me if it had any heating ? No it was bleedin' freezing - did they only fit heaters to the even numbered vehicles in this batch ?". Sounds like 37158 is the favoured one then, we await travellers reports on 37156 & 37160.
In fact 37159 shouldn't have been on K4, but a morning swap saw 37570 taken off this turn. 570 wasn't out of service for long though and it was noted back through Wisbech again at 12.50, this time on time with K14. The reason here was the removal of 37156 (may be it was cold ?) and this ended up on King's Lynn locals - not the first time this has happened. There seemed to be a spot of overtaking between K16 and K17 today. K17 had 37571 as usual, but it ended up on K16 while 37577 off K16 jumped a turn onto K17.
The Beast was used onK1, but 37563 being OK again took over at Lowestoft.
Timekeeping here in the west was pretty good today, but a blip affected 37565 on L12 which was 6 late going to Peterborough and 25 late coming back. On arrival at Lynn, it slipped a turn to Y13 and 37574 on the original Y13 which had only been 6 minutes behind, then did L12, presumably running light towards Norwich to regain time.
Des was driving 37577 on K17 this afternoon and encountered heavy snow showers between Wisbech and Lynn, he was 6 late from Wisbech but 13 late arriving at Lynn due to slow traffic in the poor conditions. He adds "My last pre Christmas X1 turn involved K1 18.02 King's Lynn to Great Yarmouth this evening with 37563. The weather again played a part and I was 8 late leaving at 18:10, 5 late at Swaffham (18:39), on time at East Dereham (19:07), 5 late into Norwich (19:50 - Heavy snow/hail falling between Dereham/Norwich slowed traffic on A47), 10 late arriving Yarmouth (20:30 - Heavy snow/hail, Acle straight traffic running at 30-35 mph).

37563 on arrival at a very cold Great Yarmouth tonight and another headlight failure.

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