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Monday 13th December 2010 ~ Where Is The Blog ?

Ah, well you see, I had to wait this long to think of something to write about today. Nice to see all the B9s in service and all sticking to their turns, mind you it was a close run thing as 37576 suffered an oil leak at Dereham just before 7am and had to be fixed before rejoining its original turn. It was 12 late when viewed on the 12.45 Lynn to Peterborough, but the delay had increased to 17 minutes when coming back from Peterborough on the 14.05. Most services ran to within 10 minutes of time again, but just exceeding this at 12 minutes was 37568 on K2 15.45 Lynn to Peterborough.
L12 didn't appear to run over the western section this morning with 37565 and Bruce confirmed this with a lunchtime vigil which ended when Y13 went by 4 late on Y13.
Such was the low floor dominance today, that 37156 was even allowed a run out on the X2, Michael viewing it on the 14.08 ex Lowestoft. 37157/8 were the two B7s on the X1 today.

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