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The X1 - What is in the future ?

Rumours are rife about the future of the X1 following last weeks meeting. I'm pooling information received from a handful of staff and it would seem that the most likely scenario is that from January - or March if it can't be implemented earlier - the X1 will be split into a number of different routes. The reason for this decision is all down to stats. The punctuality figures submitted to 'First' HQ for Lowestoft, Yarmouth, Norwich and King's Lynn are below the required standard and this is purely down to the X1. Splitting the route should avoid such events as an accident at Thorney affecting punctuality in Yarmouth.
The favoured option is to run separate services along the following routes :
Peterborough - Swaffham / Hunstanton (alternate on the half hour)
King's Lynn - Norwich
Lowestoft - Norwich
Norwich - Dereham / Toftwood

So there we have it. Biggest question of course is, will this mean the end of the X1 blog ???? Time will tell, but it would seem rude not to report the early days of the new timetables .....wouldn't it ?

Now here's something you might like. Our graphic designer has been at work again and proudly presents, the X1 Advent Calendar. Here's the link..........

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