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Tuesday 30th November 2010 ~ Momentary Respite

There was no further snowfall in the west today, but as you will see from Grahame's picture below, this was not the case nearer the coast. Observing the route from my window today, there was a case of deja vu at 14.25 when 37579 passed Peterborough bound on K17. This was because earlier it had gone the other way on K5 ! K5 was taken over at 10.32 by 20121. The unanswered question here is whether 121 had spent overnight at Yarmouth, or simply wasn't ready to work K5 at the booked time.
K17 began the day with 37563 which was taken off at Lowestoft for servicing. The jigsaw is completed (I think) by 37160 working back from Lowestoft to Lynn where 579 came on.
Timekeeping was to say the least, variable today. Morning peak services out of Peterborough ran as follows : 37566 on K2 2 late, 37572 on K3 19 late, 37565 on K4 (the 08.35) 27 late, 37579 on K5 11 late. This was probably more to do with the Christmas shopping traffic than anything weather related. Services from Lowestoft ran fairly punctually apart from Y9 with 37575 which ran 20 late out of Wisbech westbound.
20107 completed K15 yesterday and today was on the Lowestoft terminating K14. During the day a set of three way temporary lights were commissioned outside the Premier foods factory on Lynn Road in Wisbech. Even though they were phasing very well, delays did occur and on the way home from work, I found 37568 on K1 on my bumper running 15 late as the 16.35 from Peterborough.
Here is the picture I mentioned earlier from Grahame of 37564 on L8 shivering in the snow at Market Gates, for which my thanks are due.

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