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Thursday December 2nd 2010 ~ A Funny day for 568

No fresh daytime snowfall meant punctuality improved today with only marginal late running caused by heavy traffic. 37568 had a strange day. It worked L10 and was 11 late through Wisbech on the 10.48 to Peterborough. It must have been driven well though, as it returned fractionally early, passing me at 12.19 and due into the Horsefair at 12.21. What happened next is something which rarely occurs today, 568 - still on L10 - was passed by me after a late evening snowstorm at Terrington St. John running in 7 minutes early ! 37572 on the last westbound service (Y13) passed it here.
Gemini 37569 which has been absent for repairs at Volvo for a fortnight, was let out again today. It worked K15 09.25 from Lowestoft after 37578 had been late on the incoming service. 578 then became K16 and 37566 which had arrived on same retired to the depot for a service.
20121 endured the indignity of  a rear end shunt by a car in Wisbech last night and was not out today, it travelled up to Rowan Road at lunchtime (seen by Bruce). The Beast (20107) however, continued its good run by working K14.
Gemini 37567 on K1 was stopped at Lynn this afternoon requiring a new compressor, so 37576 which had been receiving attention at Vancouver Avenue, was once again called upon to work. Another failure this evening was 37157 on Y6 which was taken off because its heaters weren't working (essential today I would have said). 37563 off L11 replaced it.
Des says "Tesco petrol on the increase:-
117.9 Low, 120.9 Lynn, 113.9 Sainsbury at Easton". A sure sign that panic buying is on the way then !

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Anonymous said...

20115 is back on the road 20123 is awaiting engine n gearbox