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Monday December 27th 2010 ~ Sales Rush

As in previous years, there was peaktime traffic today, but at the wrong times ! The vouchers mob heading for either Norwich or Peterborough mid morning and returning mid afternoon. I thought most of the sales had started before Christmas this year ?
 Des says "I began with 37573 as the 08.30 Great Yarmouth to Peterborough, we ran nicely to time throughout. I then worked the 10.10 from Peterborough forward from Lynn at 11.35 as far as Norwich. We were seven late departing, 10 late at Swaffham, 9 late at Dereham and 12 late into Norwich. I once again stopped at Newmarket Road interchange and charged a family, 2 adults & 2 children, the fare on the ticket machine into the City! Otherwise I would have to charge from Easton, £7.00 singles or £11.00 for a Norwich 2+2 family ticket!! My next bus had already lost time due to heavy traffic and our due departure at 14.15 from Norwich was exactly 30 late at 14.45. I made up 4 minutes with 37576 to arrive 26 late into Lowestoft which was 8 minutes after I should have set out on the 15.48 return. We departed 10 late and this was down to 5 by Yarmouth". 576 was just a couple of minutes down by the time I passed it near Wisbech this evening.  Earlier I'd seen 37569 at Terrington running 24 late on the 14.50 from Lynn to Peterborough. Des also gives us a petrol price update : Petrol prices - 124.9 @ Lynn Tesco, 120.9 @ Easton Sainsburys and 121.9 @ Lowestoft Tesco.
All turns were B9 Gemini operated today and at Vancouver Avenue were 37156 and 37157 awaiting Tuesday work plus 37158, 37159 & 37160 over the three maintenance bays all awaiting safety services.

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