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Tuesday December 14th 2010 ~ Clinging On to that Record

37576 continues to cling on (just) to its record breaking sequence of continuous days in service. Today it had a bit of a rest at last when it worked K3, but just from King's Lynn to Peterborough and back before it was replaced by 37159. Presumably this was to attend to the cause of the oil leak it suffered yesterday. Anyway, this now means it has worked every day for a massive 82 days.
37160 on K5 was doing well this morning and was into Wisbech a minute early on the 09.05 from Peterborough - an almost unheard of occurence on a turn which is usually a few minutes behind time. Once again all the B9s were in service, but tonight 37579 came off L8 for 37563 to work back to Lowestoft (this had done Y7).
Commendably for this time of year, all daytime services through Wisbech were within 10 minutes of time and an all low floor service was provided yet again. Des reports tree cutting near Swaffham McDonalds roundabout causing slight delays today, with temporary lights in operation.

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