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Monday 6th December 2010 ~ Gullivers Travels

A bout of new advertising has appeared on some of the X1 fleet, applied at Lowestoft on Saturday and no doubt to include other locations shortly. 37565 appeared on Y6 this morning with offside advert for 'Little Fockers' (yes honestly) and on the nearside 'The Expendables'. This follows the fitting last week of a rear ad for the new Bennetts store in King's Lynn. The latter ad has possibly the most minute small print of any ad I've ever seen. You'd need to be sniffing the exhaust of 37565 in order to read it :

37563 & 37572 have new offsides for 'Gullivers Travels' and nearsides for 'Fred The Movie'. 37579 also has a combination of the new campaigns.
L11 ran today with 20107, with 37156/7 sidelined at Lowestoft. Michael B saw 37157 in the vicinity. Timekeeping was pretty good today, with delays of no more than 10 minutes being noted. This was quite remarkable considering the temperature at Walpole was still minus 5 at 08.30 this morning and it remained below freezing all day.
All this cold weather resulted in a very rare sight on the Southgates webcam, briefly at around 15.30 when Santa appeared, obviously delivering a new load of Gemini parts to Richard !

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Des Speed said...

What a great picture - Santa at the Southgates!!!