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Tuesday 21st December 2010 ~ You've All Done Very Well !

Thank you Mr. Grace. An absolutely splendid troop of Geminis out today. The absentees were 37575 having some bodywork attenrion, 37157 on exam at Lowestoft and 37158 on Lynn locals. Even timekeeping was good for the time of year, although there was a blip during the early afternoon when 37579 on K15 was 18 late going to Peterborough, but reduced to 13 coming back. K16 which had only been slightly late going west came back 27 late with 37159, but this added delay also occurred with 37571 on K17 which was 10 late westbound and 17 late returning. Most remarkable was 37160 which was 15 late on K18, but which came back 8 late, so I think we are fairly safe in assuming that the rail station was omitted.
Later on Tony Irle reports 37573 on K3 departing Peterborough Queensgate at 18.05 (30 late) and 37577 arriving on K4 at 18.07 en route to the rail station (about 13 late).
Working on the shuttles, Des says "34187 - 09:00 James Paget Hospital > Norwich and  09:50 Norwich > Gt. Yarmouth. (This bus has a destination blind that is patched from old/broken blinds. I could not display Gt Yarmouth, so had to display Town Centre.)"

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