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Thursday 23rd December 2010 ~ The Ghost of Christmas Past (on the X2)

Well it is good to know that the old girl is still about ! Des saw 20107 at Norwich today on the X2 - a rare sight indeed, but may be about to become more common. He adds, "Spotted 37567 today while I was driving light to Norwich @ 16:19 approaching Acle eastbound on A47 'Not in Service'. Strange, as yesterday at the same time I spotted another Excel branded vehicle in the same spot, also not in service. Maybe a new driver in the Lynn depot that doesn't know their way to Lowestoft via A146 ?". Yes odd that isn't it. Yesterday 37157 was L12 but was later Y13, so I guess that was the one, then today 37567 did the same diagram swap.
He continues "Today had  34114 which is a bit of a favourite of mine. It's really cold to drive, the heating barely blowing lukewarm, but it will move along at 60 mph and it displays the biggest letters that I've seen on any of our buses!!!"
After yesterday, today punctuality was a bit better - well until lunchtime when yet again things seemed to unravel west of Wisbech. L12 was back in the town departing to Lowestoft at 14.03 (due 13.26), so 37 late and next was Y13 with 37567 and K14 with 37157, both a uniform 29 late. Later things had improved with 37156 running 18 late on K16. In between K15 had gone through with 37576. By this evening everything was back to time.

37576 in yesterday's snow on its 90th successive day in traffic.

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