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Wednesday 8th December 2010 ~ The Freeze Relents

Although the route has only suffered minor delays due to the prolonged spell of freezing temperatures, in comparison with other parts of the country, it came as some relief today when the temperature rose to -1. It seemed positively mild !
Most delayed service seen today was the 08.35 from Peterborough which was 19 late into Wisbech with 37574. Going the other way, 20107 was 16 late on Y9 reduced to 12 late returning. 37576 had a shortened 76th day in traffic (574's record is well beaten now) with it coming off Y13 at Lynn at 11.35 to be replaced by 37573. The loss of 20121 is seeing increased use of the Lynn B7s (37158 - 37160) on K3 and K5.
Early afternoon saw some very shortlived temporary lights working near Thorney Toll and the service most delayed was K15 with 37577. K1 had 37579 swapped for 37567 at Lowestoft.

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