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Friday December 3rd 2010 ~ Pre Christmas Pandemonium

One of our regular drivers at the helm of 37572 on the 14.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough (K18) this afternoon.
 Judging by the amount of traffic today, it appears that most people woke this morning to realise December is here and that Friday would be a far better day for shopping than Saturday !
Bruce kept an eye on the X1 for me during the morning and was pleased to report 20107 plying forth on L10. It was due for servicing today though, so when it went back to Lowestoft it was changed for 37566 which itself had seen servicing completed this morning. L8 was late into Lynn this morning and 37159 stood in for 37578 on the Lynn - Peterborough leg.
37576 scraped through yet another day in its record breaking run by working Y6. It came off at 20.25 though and 37565 off L11 worked back to Lowestoft.
Des tells us about his day "Was due to work a town shift in Yarmouth, but because of the snow on the east coast, I was asked to take an Excel shift from Yarmouth onwards. I caught 37575 in Gorleston and relieved that driver at Yarmouth.
37575 - K15 10.12 Yarmouth - Peterborough as far as Lynn, departing 15 late, then ran 2 late at Norwich, 9 late at Dereham (11.44), 7 late at Swaffham and six late into Lynn at 12.43. After a break I transferred to 37570 on K17. I departed on time, but was 6 late into Wisbech because of traffic lights on Lynn Road, (there was no need for these lights, the work was finished and the lights pushed to the side of the kerb but still operating!). Arrived Peterborough rail station at departure time (15:05). Returning I departed 6 late and was the same margin late at Wisbech where the aforementioned lights had gone from Lynn road, but traffic queued to Walsoken turn, 9 late into Lynn at 16:33.
Next should have been 37569 - K1 18:02 King's Lynn - Yarmouth, this did not operate, it arrived into Lynn at 18.31 and was given to the Lowestoft driver to operate the 18.35 (K2).
37577 - Should have been K2 18:35 King's Lynn to Lowestoft which arrived at 18:52. There were just 2 ongoing passengers, one for Toftwood and the other for Yarmouth. My drivers card was in, 'Not in Service' displayed and at 18:54 I was on my way. Light to drop off at Toftwood, then into Norwich for the 19:45 to Yarnouth. This departed 19 late (20:04) and arrived 18 late at Yarmouth (20:38).
Attached pic shows Lynn road traffic lights on red, but a clear road through".
Rob Brooks says 37574 on K19 delayed 30+ minutes by police arresting someone in a car on Lynn Road by the park (incidentally exactly where shown right !). Was into Wisbech at 15.50. I was also in the area Rob and saw K16 14.35 from Peterborough with 37157 arriving in Wisbech 27 late due to heavy traffic. 37569 on K1 was around 18 late at this time.
Our mole at Great Yarmouth tells me that 20115 is now fit for traffic again and 20123 is still awaiting engine repairs & gearbox, so must be doubtful for a renaissance.

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