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Thursday December 30th 2010 ~ Cameo Appearance

37564 on Y13 08.15 Lowestoft - Peterborough today, seen passing Wisbech Roadways. Behind me are the remains of the former Victoria Cafe which is in the process of demolition after several months being an eyesore
Just when it looked like this week would see a succession of Geminis looming out of the fog to convey the punters, this afternoon 'The Beast' made what can currently be described as a rare foray to Peterborough.
K2 had started the day with 37569 and with no scheduled reason for it to be stopped, it came as a surprise when 20107 worked back on the 12.25 from Lowestoft. Late running would seem to be the most plausible reason and speaking of which, 107 was an embarrassing 16 late when I espied it through the fog leaving Wisbech. It was likely to see further delay too as an accident on the A47 at Eye Green was causing tailbacks at this time. Of the other 18 turns, only one was seen running notably late which was K15 with 37573. This was seen passing the South Gates bound for Lowestoft at 16.02, the same time that the following service (K16 with 37570) was due to be departing the bus station.
37571/8 were at Lynn today for servicing and this hitherto almost unknown luxury of actually having buses spare in the case of emergencies is now becoming more commonplace. Michael Bryant saw 37156 on the 11.08 Lowestoft to Norwich X2 today which would be why it didn't replace 37569 and the Beast had to be used.

Having arrived in King's Lynn from Lowestoft at 19.59 this evening, 37158 had been washed and cleaned, but was then called upon to work L8 21.35 back to the coast after a minor fault prevented 37579 from doing so.

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