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Tuesday December 28th 2010 ~ Saturday Service

The Saturday service adopted today is very similar to the weekday timetable. Main exceptions are L12 which just runs Lowestoft to Peterborough and back before going light to Yarmouth (this turn was 37570 today), while K2 which terminates at Lowestoft in the week, comes back to King's Lynn to balance things.

37572 heads for Lowestoft this morning on L8.
 Another Saturday arrangement is that Y9 becomes L9 (starting at Lowestoft), while L10 does the opposite and becomes Y10.
One change yesterday was 37579 being swapped at Lynn for 37566, but today everything seemed to stick. All the B7s were operating apart from 37160 and 37564/575 were rested too. Tonight the 19.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough (Y10) with 37565 was stopped at Vancouver Avenue for a headlight bulb change, which in fact required a quick rewiring, so departure was at 20.10, about 15 late. The fog had closed in this evening after a thoroughly dank day.

It really was dismal weather today. 37576 forges through the rain soon after leaving Walpole Highway on the 11.33 Peterborough service.

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