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Friday 6th May 2011 ~ Dyscalculia

What I hear you ask ? Dyscalculia ? Well I have to confess, I didn't know what it meant, but the definition  is someone who has difficulty in understanding numbers/maths. I hadn't realised I was a sufferer until today when I mistook 37159 for 37156. Incredible though, Syd sent me an email in which he did exactly the same thing ! He emailed me the correction later, see his picture below.
37159 was on L10 today and 37156 did half a shift as Malcolm explains "I saw 37156 in Gordon Road and a few minutes later it came into the bus station, followed by 37566 on K16, 37156 worked K16 from Lowestoft and 37566 went to the garage. Later 37567 brought Rachel home from college on Y9 arriving 10 late".

37159 seen at Gorleston (Library) stop this afternoon with Des at the helm. (Syd Eade).
K18 10.55 from Lowestoft failed at Dereham this afternoon with 37160 overheating. It required a radiator flush and 37571 took over the turn after servicing during the morning. As a result the entire Gemini fleet were in use on the X1 today, apart from the missing accident damaged 37577. Timekeeping was pretty good for a Friday, worst offender seen was 37157 on L11 which was 17 late returning from Peterborough.

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