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Saturday 7th May 2011 ~ Fleeting Appearance

How long before scenes like this become just a memory ? 20115, now with a newly stencilled rear fleet number heads out of Walton Highway on the 13.05 from Peterborough today.
 For some reason 37571 was unavailable at Yarmouth first thing and as a result, Y13 was sent out with B10M coach 20115. This did the short trip to Lowestoft and then the 08.15 to Peterborough and 13.05 return.
On a Saturday this turn is then supposed to work the 17.48 back to Peterborough. With an arrival time in Lowestoft at 17.40, this gives one of the weeks shortest turn rounds of just 8 minutes. L12 with 37569 which is supposed to go light to Yarmouth on arrival at Lowestoft at 17.10, was held over and took over Y13 at 17.48 enabling 20115 to return light to Yarmouth.
37572 was in trouble this afternoon, (it passed the 300,000 mile landmark on Wednesday). It worked the 11.25 from Lowestoft with its No. 3 injector failed and came off at King's Lynn for (I believe) 37579 to work forward.
Timekeeping was very good today with lighter traffic than of late.
With the Campbells tower on the left 20115 negotiates a roundabout on Nar Ouse Way this afternoon.

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Pete said...

Gi gerard, have just seen your t.v. piece on Anglia news, many congratulations my friend!!! i have taken a great interest in your blog, for the whole time it has been going, and really look forward to getting it up on screen to read any new comments you have added. I live in Northgate Street Yarmouth, and although not on the direct X1 route, I do see 1 or 2 X1 vehicles around 1930 - 2000 travelling 'light' back to the depot.I for one will be most upset when the route is split, and your wonderful 'blog'ceases to be!!! All the best Gerard, and many thanks for the fun and enjoyment you have given me and countless others over the last 3 years.Kindest regards, Peter Crosby.