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Thursday 5th May 2011 ~ Referendum Day

We don't have a referendum very often in this country and then when we do, it is pretty much guaranteed to have a predictable result. Is it me, or am I wrong in thinking that as we get older, we become less receptive to change (a bit like Bruce & Co who hate to see the coaches go)?  Surely then, when the vast majority of people who vote are aged between 45 & 80, the likelihood of them voting for a change to something they've always been used to is bound to fail ? Anyway, me being at the polling station all day meant Bruce was our observer today with help from the usual quarters.
A crafty swap overnight resulted in 20126 being kept at Yarmouth and 37565 replacing it. The latter was not in the best of health though and after working to King's Lynn on Y13, retired to the garage for attention. Bruce saw Richard & Co. poring over the engine. The malady could not have been too bad though, as it ran light to Wisbech and resumed its duty on the 13.56 to Lowestoft.
Last night 37156 on Y6 was taken off at Lynn and the 20.35 to Lowestoft proceeded with 37567 which had come in on L11. Today 37156 did the first part of K18 and was changed at Lowestoft for 37564. Rachel travelled on L11 today with a revived 37569.
Y9 was also the subject of a bus change with 37158 being swapped for 37578  at Lynn at 09.45. All this meant that the day was entirely low floor for a change.

37578 working Y9 back to King's Lynn this afternoon, photographed at Hopton at 16.15 by Grahame Bessey.

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