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Monday May 23rd 2011 ~ Buses Behaving Badly

So a new week begins with 37575/6/7/8 all off the road for a variety of reasons, all previously discussed. In contrast today Lowestoft had 37156 in hand and this worked a full X2 turn, doing the 09.38, 12.38 & 15.38 departures to Norwich, all viewed by Michael B. 37578 was recovered enough at Yarmouth to work the 07.52 Gorleston - Norwich - Yarmouth shuttle.
King's Lynn serviced 37570 first thing so that it could work K5 and predictably 20352 was on K3 and 20126 on K14. These two coaches were responsible for the heaviest delayed services through Wisbech today. K3 was 12 late on the 08.56 to Lowestoft and K14 was 9 late in to work the 14.26 eastbound.
I managed to miss 37571 in both directions on K17 today, but I am told it did run. Tonight two swaps at King's Lynn involved K2, in at 18.27 from Peterborough with 37565 and out at 18.32 with 37566 (this had just arrived on Y7) and the 20.27 in from Peterborough (Y6) was 37572, removed for servicing and replaced by 37159.

37160 passes Wisbech park with L10 19.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough this evening, it was running about 7 minutes behind time, probably due to an A47 accident at West Bilney which delayed K18 and Mr. Speed by 15 minutes.

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