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Wednesday 25th May 2011 ~ The Full Monty

I thought the days of Scanias doing complete X1 diagrams had gone forever, but today, such was the predicament that the operators found themselves in, that K3 was worked throughout by 65532. This last happened by my records on 17th September 2009.

In addition 20352 was out on K5 and 20126 worked L8, which is seldom anything other than a B9. By putting it on L8, this insured that the coach ended up at Yarmouth this evening. Tomorrow it should be possible to replace 126 as again today 37158 was in use locally at Yarmouth, operating 881 contract from Carlton Colville to East Norfolk College.
Malcolm reports from Lowestoft : "Rachel had 37563 on K14 this morning. At the bus station I saw 37571 working K17 as usual,  34112 arrived on the 09.10 ex Norwich X2.  37567 came in on K18, but it then went down to the garage from where 37157 arrived to work K18 10.55 to Peterborough. Before it could leave, it had a faulty starter switch and in the end passengers had to get onto 37574 which worked the next service, K19. 37157 departed a few minutes after 37574 still showing X1 Peterborough on the destination screen so K18 must have been reinstated and it departed 33 minutes late. Rachel had 20352 on the way home and it was 15 minutes late".
So it looks like the errant 37157 went empty for part of its journey. By the time it reached Wisbech it was only 2 minutes late. Overall, timekeeping was pretty good today and K14 12.48 Wisbech to Peterborough was actually seen running 2 minutes early with 37563. K16 had 37156 which is still noisy and due to its legendary slow speed. Bruce made contingency plans just in case ......

37578 was out of service at Vancouver Avenue today, hence the need for 65532 to work. 37575/6/7 were also unavailable as previously advised.

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