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Monday 16th May 2011 ~ Mini Report

Another day with things running smoothly. 37158 off for servicing at Lynn and 37156 spare at Lowestoft which allowed it to do a school run this afternoon, presumably tied in with some X2 work. It was viewed by Michael Bryant after Malcolm had seen it at the depot in the morning.
Punctuality was pretty smart and there were only two things to note, firstly K5 with 37579 was seen at Freebridge roundabout where the A17 joins the A47 at 19.50 (spot on time), but with 'sorry not in service' on the front. Had the driver jumped the gun with the destination screen, or was 579 poorly ? Later 37578 on K15 was unable to do the last leg of this turn from Lowestoft to Lynn and 37157 off K14 was substituted.
No X1s here, but Peter says "This is the East Midlands HST which visited the Mid Norfolk Railway on Saturday. You might like to note that the train departed Peterborough as Stagecoach's direct 1025 to East Dereham service arriving at 1323 - that's 2hrs 58 mins compared to First Group's X1 1035 Peterborough to East Dereham arriving 1307 - a mere 2hrs 32 mins. So there you have it, the X1 is faster than a high speed train !!"

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Richard said...

...and the bus service is considerably more frequent too!