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Tuesday 10th May 2011 ~ 1% Inaccurate !

Well basking in the glow of the kind words from 'First', it would appear that I have been letting things slip. Cheryl picks me up on yesterday's quote : "Today 37566 had another day off - something which is quite commonplace and accounts for it being the lowest mileage of the B9 fleet at less than 260,000 miles."
"Oh No it Didn't !! Ian and myself were just off to the pub at 18.00 and saw 566 leaving for Lynn on K2, come on G keep up !".  Well really ! It must have done a maintenance swap at Lowestoft, as K2 had been 567 in the morning.
Des says, re your Saturday comments : ""L12 with 37569 which is supposed to go light to Yarmouth on arrival at Lowestoft at 17.10, was held over and took over Y13 at 17.48 enabling 20115 to return light to Yarmouth." In fact, the 17.10 arrival at Lowestoft normally does the 17.25 'short' to Yarmouth and doesn't return empty". Oh Dear, I really must be more careful.
37565 had an interesting day and managed to end up working three different turns which is rare. It started the day on K1 which is into Lowestoft at 11.40, however, it was replaced by 37157 for the 11.55 back to Peterborough. 37565 was next in action on L11 16.55 to King's Lynn replacing 37160, finally it was called upon to take Y13 21.50 Lynn to Peterborough as 37156 was unable to continue.

Des brings 37571 into Wisbech on its usual turn, the 15.05 from Peterborough today. It has accumulated over 83,000 miles since returning to service on September 2nd 2010.
 The timetable was pretty much kept to today, with morning delays of about 3 minutes and afternoon services largely on time.
Mr. Speed reports on tonight's reception for the victorious Norwich City team : "37157 was my bus on K1 18.02 King's Lynn - Great Yarmouth and we were on time. This bus departs Norwich at 19.45.  I had already spoken to my manager regarding the possibility that this service should run through to Lowestoft,  to clear the passengers from the Norwich City Celebrations and thus give less of a burden to the 20.15 Norwich to Lowestoft. I was given permission to operate whatever I thought best. I approached the bus station with Yarmouth on the destination, but upon seeing many hundreds of passengers, most in yellow and green, I quickly changed the destination to Lowestoft. Most of the passengers were waiting for the Park & Ride services, passengers queued the width of the main foot crossing right across the road. Like the dead sea parting, a gap just big enough for the bus to squeeze through was cleared". Well done that man !
Tonight 37572 on K5 arrived back at King's Lynn depot with a large crack down the driver's windscreen, this has potential to disrupt services in the morning I reckon, as there are no Excel vehicles spare at this end.
Tomorrow staff at Lynn will be told details of any redundancies being made following the loss of the local services.
A petrol price update provided by eagle eyed Des shows : 132.9 Tesco Lowestoft, 135.9 Sainsburys Norwich, 136.9 Sainsburys Easton, 135.9 Tesco Lynn. Makes a change for Lynn not to be the most expensive.

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