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Wednesday 18th May 2011 ~ The Workers

Kerry, Calvin (evening maintenance), Vera, Dale, Steven and John with 37568 & 37578
Well I thought you'd like to see the King's Lynn garage evening shift. These are some of the people who keep your X1s clean and tidy - well at least to begin the day. They kindly agreed to have their picture taken before the forthcoming changes to staffing here. Some of you will recognise Calvin as he was until fairly recently an X1 driver.
The very peaceful time on the X1 continues. Today 37575 was kept in at Lynn, so most unusually Lowestoft's 37565 took K19. It's possible that the driver simply took the wrong bus with the numbers being similar ! K2 which was 37568 came off this turn at just before 18.30 tonight and 37570 which had just come in on Y7 returned east at 18.35.
At lunchtime I ended up following K14 with 37156. It was running 12 minutes late and seemed incapable of exceeding 40mph. Its fan was roaring loudly as usual. Spare Lowestoft bus today was 37563.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a police line up 2 me..... wats the charge?.....Lol x