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Monday May 2nd 2011 ~ Canaries On The Rampage

When the B12 Paragons for the X94 (as it was then) were brand new, I am told on good authority, that several were used to ferry fans of Norwich City football club to Cardiff,  for the play off final at the Millennium Stadium against Birmingham City. Unfortunately, on that occasion, on 12th May 2002, all us canary fans returned as sick as parrots to East Anglia after we lost the game. I know you see, cuz I was there.
Something else happened today which also involved Cardiff and Norwich, but I expect, even if you are not a fan of footie, you will have, by now, heard about it. Just a note for Brucie, on April 9th 2005 - the last time Norwich played Manchester United at Carrow Road, we won 2-0.
Anyway (you can tell nothing much happened on the X1 today can't you ?), many daytime services ran fairly late and in the case of the 14.10 from Peterborough (supposedly 37572) it hadn't appeared  20 minutes after its booked time through Walpole. Derek viewed an elephant at South Lynn at 14.10 'not in service', so may be this was 572 ? The 13.10 from Peterborough had 37573 taken off at King's Lynn for cleaning after a passenger was unwell and the service proceeded eastbound with 37574 departing only 5 late.

37575 in more Bank Holiday sunshine taking the 09.00 Wisbech - Lowestoft past Bruce's today.
All B9 Geminis again today, Malcolm popped down to Lowestoft bus station and says "Saw 37567 work K5 and 37576 arrived on K6, already with 1a Martham on the destination blind".
Jamie Vendy writes "Hey G, I was just having thoughts about the recent arrival of four Gemini 2s to the Coastliner operated by Transdev and wonder why First never really tried to make a more iconic branding  for the X1 Corridor. It would surely attract more people into using the X1 and even though Coastliner battles against the train service, it does well because of the way it is branded". 
Now who says we are never controversial ? Here's a picture from JV of one of the Coastliner Geminis ..

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