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Saturday 30th April 2011 ~ Bumper To Bumper

As so often happens when the shops have been closed for a whole day, today saw traffic paralysis in King's Lynn. One only had to tune in to the Southgates webcam to see the damning effect this had on X1 punctuality, with traffic queued from the Hardwick through to the bus station. Suddenly though at 14.30, the queues cleared giving the service a chance to regain some of the lost minutes.
Y7 was the first service to undergo a change of bus, this was most probably due to the late arrival from the coast of 37579. 37158 took the turn forward and completed it this evening. Next incoming service is L8 which is due to depart Lynn for Peterborough at 09.15. 37579 was appropriated to do this, presumably because 37566 on the duty was held up in the aforementioned traffic.
37566 retired to the garage, but services seen in the middle of the day suffered excessively due to the traffic. 37572 on L12 was 20 late through Walpole and some services faired worse than this. 20126 was strangely sent out from Lowestoft on L11, even though 37564 and 37569 were supposedly there.
This evening 37574, which had been off the road for a week, failed on K5 17.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough at Terrington St. John. 37566 was sent out to replace it. The problem on 574 was with brake linings, but it would seem more likely to be a faulty sensor light.
Des says that the reason I was able to include two pictures of 37575 at Corton, taken from different angles was because one was taken by Mrs Des !! Ah that explains it then. Tthe Lynn congestion affected Des today too, he says "37576 was driven by me on the 10.12 Yarmouth to Peterborough (K15), we were on time till traffic at Dereham, 10 late at Necton (12.05), then the queue of traffic into Lynn saw a 27 minute late arrival at 13.04". Yes from the webcam I saw arriving from the coast K16 with 37157 at 13.17 (15 late), K17 with 37571 at 13.43 (11 late) and 37568 on K18 at 14.09 (7 late). The wonders of modern technology hey ?

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