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Wednesday May 4th 2011 ~ Star Wars Day........

.....or so says Peter "May the Fourth Be With You ". Groans all round I think. I had a surprise this morning when Y6 which is fairly solid B9 had 37156 and even more unusual was L8 - the longest X1 turn - which turned up at Wisbech with 20126.

20126 seen here in the Magdalen Estate in Gorleston at 14.45 today. Photo : Syd Eade
  Des says "37569 did start the day as the first bus from Lowestoft but was changed at Acle for 20126 due to oil pressure problems with the B9". A visit to Gasworks Road for remedial work followed. Malcolm says "37569 then came in empty from the garage and worked the 15.03 X2 service to Norwich, however, it returned to the bus station at 15.11 and was declared a failure. It was replaced by 42458 which departed at 1523, 20 minutes late". More repairs required me thinks.
X1 punctuality was much better today and heaviest delay involved 20126 which had obviously lost time due to replacing 37569. It was 10 late from Wisbech but had recouped 5 minutes of this on its return.

37157 with the tell tale 'Sorry' in the side  window

There was a hiccup this afternoon though, when K15 with 37578 was 6 late from Wisbech at 13.24 heading west. There was then a gap until 37571 on K17 just a minute late at 14.19. K16 DID appear however, just a minute behind K17, running 'not in service'.
37157 (seen here) was the delayed vehicle. I was unable to monitor workings later, but would imagine it turned round at Thorney.

Interesting vehicles used on the X1 shuttles this afternoon were 37565 on the 16.40 Norwich to Gorleston followed an hour later at 17.40 by 20115. Thanks to Des for this info.

Syd photographed former X1 regular, Royale 34108 in Gorleston today. "Shame about the position of the sun" says Syd, " but having an X1 connection, thought you'd like it just the same". Certainly do Syd, thanks again.

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