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Saturday May 21st 2011 ~ More Blow Ups

I had a phone call from Peter this morning : "I suppose you know there's a single decker on the X1 don't you ?" he asked, "Ah" I replied all smug, "That'll be the white coach won't it ?". "Well actually no " he said, "I'm near Thorney and it's one of those Scania King's Lynn town buses !".
So it was that I drove up to Bruces at Walpole Highway and we waited to see what would turn up. Timekeeping was obviously OK as firstly 37566 went winging by on L11 07.15 from Lowestoft and a few seconds later, bang on time...............

 65527 came storming along with a full load on Y7 10.05 from Peterborough. This wasn't the only surprise today though. Y10 was worked by 20126, though it was in the wars at one stage and had to visit Vancouver Avenue garage because it was overheating. Although I couldn't be certain, it seems to have got to Lynn OK and then gone to the garage for attention instead of working the 10.15 to Peterborough. It did get at least as far as Wisbech eventually though, as Bruce phoned to say he'd seen it passing by 14 late on the return 11.35 from Peterborough. The Southgates webcam confirmed this and it was seen here at 13.03 inbound and 13.22 outbound to Lowestoft, by this time still about 15 late.
Now why was all this happening after as Des said, there had been nothing much to write about ? Well the King's Lynn B9s seem to have a bug. 37576 was still resident over the pits in Lynn garage, presumably awaiting parts, 37577 is still at Full Circle being repaired, 37578 went down at Yarmouth with an adblu fault, hence 20126 appearing and now 37575 is due to begin its MOT preparation work. The reason for 65527 doing a trip to Peterborough this morning was that 37569 arrived in Lynn with a blown alternator (yes another one, see yesterday) and had to be quickly repaired so that it could relieve the Scania and take up its turn at 11.32 to Lowestoft, where it was seen arriving by Malcolm.. This still left a shortfall and Profile 20352 filled the void by working K5 all day.
From Lowestoft, Malcolm reports "37156 arrived on K18 and return, 37579 was on K19 with the destination screen working properly now and 37157 came in 10 minutes late on K1".

20126 making a fine sight on the 16.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough near Tilney All Saints at just after 20.00 this evening.

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